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Electronic Design Specialists

We specialize in electronic design from concept to low-rate production with a focus on dedicated single-purpose devices and applied research.

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Electronic Design

Create complex electronics that use MCUs, FPGAs, high-speed serial, high-speed ADCs, low-noise analog circuits, ultra low-power, batteries, switching supplies, and RF/antennas.

Electromagnetic/RF Design

Simulate, build, and test antennas, frequency selective surfaces (FSS),  HPM/EMP protection, RFID/NFC, wireless power transfer, and EMC solutions.

Prototype Manufacturing

Get your prototype faster using our in-house capabilities: pick and place, reflow, hand assembly, 3D printing, final assembly, testing, and engineering characterization.

Medical, Military, and Aerospace

Rigorous electronic design for mission-critical applications in medical devices, avionics, and weapons sys​tems.

Digital Video Processing

We create custom hardware and video processing IP solutions for proprietary analog and digital video systems used in radars, avionics, and scientific instruments. World experts in stroke video format conversion for HUD, electronic warfare, electronic flight display (EFD), and scientific instruments.

Battery Development

Advanced battery development engineering services for demanding applications. Design and test at any scale; from ground vehicle battery packs down to ultra-low-power single cell applications. We provide cell selection, charge/discharge profile testing, thermal design, abuse and safety testing, pack and enclosure design, battery management system (BMS) electronics, standards testing, prototyping, transfer to manufacturing partners, and supply chain qualification.


December 2022: Pathfinder Electronics was awarded a 6-month research contract to design a hypersonic glide vehicle antenna for the US Navy.

July 2021: The US Navy awarded Pathfinder Electronics a 6-month SBIR Phase I contract to develop a digital intervalometer electronic module for Hydra-70 rocket launchers.

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